Yahoo! Open Hack India 2012

Yahoo! Open Hack India, organized every year in Bangalore is a developer’s dream event, especially for university students like me, when you avail a lavish treatment in one of the finest luxury hotels in Bangalore, and simultaneously do what you love to do: Development.

This was my first time at Yahoo! Open Hack, since I missed the last one due to the misconception of the word: ‘hack’, which means ‘to build something’, in developer’s terms. The 5th successful hackathon took place in the Sheraton on August 11-12th and after lots of procrastination, I finally sat down today to write my experiences.

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Google+ everywhere!

Today the maximum use of the internet is made in social networking.Even a guy who doesn’t know how to use Google, has a social profile on the web. So after the dominance of a single website over this market for a long time, a rival is born. But the fact is that, the popularity of this single website has made the social networking craze spread like fire.Its hard to guess, which teenager might not be having a Facebook account today!

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