Beginning of Open Source Contribution

Google Summer of Code 2012 made my way into beginning my contribution towards Open Source Community. I had even had thoughts and made a bit of efforts earlier in doing this, but there was no motivation in doing so. It was going to be the end of my second year, and I wanted to get an internship somewhere, somehow, even if it had no stipend to offer. I don’t know why I had this false impression in my mind that Gsoc is damn easy and I considered it as my last option until the activities of this year’s gsoc started. Even after having missed the chance last year by a matter of few days, I was not serious about it.

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Python or Ruby?

Looking out for something new, something unconventional I came across the other side of what one is taught academically, those programming languages which have their own domain, their own community. But if you wanted to get your hands on one of those lethal weapons of programming, which one would it be?

So LET the battle begin…

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