Beginning of Open Source Contribution

Google Summer of Code 2012 made my way into beginning my contribution towards Open Source Community. I had even had thoughts and made a bit of efforts earlier in doing this, but there was no motivation in doing so. It was going to be the end of my second year, and I wanted to get an internship somewhere, somehow, even if it had no stipend to offer. I don’t know why I had this false impression in my mind that Gsoc is damn easy and I considered it as my last option until the activities of this year’s gsoc started. Even after having missed the chance last year by a matter of few days, I was not serious about it.

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Ideas come out of need

This is a very old and wise saying (by old, I mean the beginning of the tech era/ startup culture) that if you have an idea for a product, first make sure that the product is useful to you, and care about the rest afterwards. Because the best use of a prosuct can only made by a user who needs it and it matches his requirements.

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Mobile App Ideas

Some ideas of mobile apps that I have in mind, (other than those which I’ve already built apps on:

App based on Near Field Communication

This is a chatting application. This app will use Near Field Communication instead of internet to communicate to nearby users of the same app. The users might be strangers, so the app is a way to talk to strangers.

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Windows dissapointed me

Even though I (used to) love and use windows a lot but the incident that happened with me yesterday totally changed my view about the OS. The inability of the OS to correct certain errors and also not letting the user do so has left a taste of frustration. Though I’m still typing this from windows, that feeling of homeliness does not exist anymore. I only logged in because Silverlight applications don’t run properly in Ubuntu (or maybe I haven’t discovered a proper method to run it till now).

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Taking multiple inputs in a single line

So most of the programming problems given in sites like code jam or code chef ask for taking multiple inputs (that are integers in a single line). So I did I bit of research on it (googled it, actually).

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It’s time to buck up

Well, I’m back here again. After a long time, and also after a long break from my work. Been a long time since I blogged, I even forgot the link to the admin page and also my password (LoL). Jokes apart, it’s the the dawn of a new year, a new semester, and new opportunities too. Well the last element is my major concern over here, the same, which had kept me busy during these winter holidays. While I’m writing this, another thing comes to my mind, the thought of making new year resolutions, and not forgetting them this time, like each year.

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Installing eclipse in Ubuntu 11.10 through a tar.gz file

Yesterday I got a tar.gz file for eclipse IDE from my computer lab to install and work on it for the IBM the Great Mind Challenge. I am doing a project on RFID Based Employee Attendance System.
So now I had manually install this file, offline, because the Internet in my college sucks big time. I searched for it in google. Found a crap bag saying that using Ubuntu Software Center in better. “Obviously I know that way is much more convenient, but you do a task the hard way when you have some constraints!”

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