The cold war against Procrastination

Why haven’t we done what we were supposed to do long back? Why hasn’t that awesome idea from the corner of your head come into reality yet? Knowingly or unknowingly , we all fight this war silently everyday (and lose most of the time) against procrastination.

This blog post itself is the result of procrastinating my final phase of coding a module whose deadline was today. And now it got postponed to tomorrow.

I read somewhere, in order to avoid procrastination, we should ask the following questions to ourselves before procrastinating a task:

  • Why avoid it?
  • What would be the consequence of avoiding it?
  • How is that gonna effect your long term goal?
  • What is it that you want to do next?
  • Repeat the process.

Google floods your screen with similar advises as soon as you type the forbidden word. They really works in the beginning and for small tasks. But the question is, do we really want to ask ourselves all this? Our body has this natural tendency to avoid doing an important task till the point when we are seriously gonna get fucked. We will get all lethargic and hungry and what not.

Our mind would whisper, lets just waste our time instead of doing the task at hand. And we’ll say, “Hell yeah! Screw the task. Lets watch some Game of Thrones.”

This is not meant to demotivate anyone (I apologize if it does), but what I’m trying to state is in order to fight back our emotions and avoid procrastinating, we need to break the ongoing inertia.

A strong motivation can do the task. Or a realization that you’re far behind from what others have achieved and you really need to buck up and get back to the race.

Procrastination is as addictive as anything and it will pull you down into unfathomable abyss of failure and depression if you don’t fight back.


One Comment on “The cold war against Procrastination”

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