Yahoo! Open Hack India 2012

Yahoo! Open Hack India, organized every year in Bangalore is a developer’s dream event, especially for university students like me, when you avail a lavish treatment in one of the finest luxury hotels in Bangalore, and simultaneously do what you love to do: Development.

This was my first time at Yahoo! Open Hack, since I missed the last one due to the misconception of the word: ‘hack’, which means ‘to build something’, in developer’s terms. The 5th successful hackathon took place in the Sheraton on August 11-12th and after lots of procrastination, I finally sat down today to write my experiences.

IT WAS HUGE. With a  gathering of around 850 developers from in and around Bangalore, all sitting on their Bean Bags and busy in their laptops, the site is a treat for the eyes for any developer, when you see so many people like yourself, all at one place.

The event organized by managed by the Yahoo! Employees, sweated their way to make it a huge success. Starting with Yahoo! Developer tools workshops on Day 1 till lunch, it was all excitement and fun. The ambiance of the auditorium was amazing, with the purple glimmer of Yahoo! Logos. The luncheon, Grand and delicious, must have totally added pounds to our weight. Which followed by the vast variety of desserts, especially different flavors of cheese cakes.

And then the Hacking began. In teams of 3-4, great ideas met and somewhat efficient Yahoo! Developer tools were used to create some real innovative apps for web, phone and even robotics. After we started, it wasn’t long till we found ourselves awake till the midnight. But there was no sign of slumber. The excitement was much more. We were building something that would use Foursquare data to analyze a keyword(what he wants) entered by the user and run through all places near the user, rate the places according to the comments, and give him a graphical report of what place is considered best by public.  All the other apps were equally amazing. But we got selected among the final 40 teams among other developers from even Microsoft, that was quite motivating.

The venue was well equipped with all the stuff that developers might want during these two days. The games room had Kinect, PS3, mini golf, tt. There was all time supply of coffee and tea, and Red Bull at night. And not to mention, the delicious food four times a day. The hotel was beside Orion Mall, which had a splendid lake sidewalk and a romantic ambience in the evening.

The ending ceremony consisted of an Open Bar with unlimited Beer! We also had a lot of takeaways from certificates to t-shirts and even the Bean Bags! There were timely quizzes and other activities going on which distributed free Yahoo! Goodies. This event was my first and one of a kind experience and I’m surely looking forward for next year’s Open Hack.

Check out the full pictorial capture of the event over here and official link of the event here.


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