Concept UI for Getting Things Gnome

Please bear with me for the quality of sjetches and try to get the UI isea that I want to convey. Note that these sketches may not be to scale and only present a rough idea.

* Replicates Gnome desktop: provides a familiar environment to user
1.The Dash: Contains basic and easily accessible functionalities. The first thing user would see is the big add button to add a task.
   If a task is selected already(shaded), pressing the add button would a sub task. Also other functions like delete, edit, gtg options, exit.
   More to be added. I haven’t yet included the backends button and other functionalities that are in the current one, but will do so very soon.
   Extended functionality to be included: Bug reporting from within the application. The bug report can be prepared as a task.
   The options (second last icon) would carry the customization options for gtg. A theme can be included in the background.
2. The way the tasks are displayed would be something same like alba has proposed. Initially all tasks are displayed according to the last edited.
    The search bar is added, like in the Gnome desktop. The search results are displayed here, int the main task viewer.
3. These are the panels, which act like sidebars. The panels are categorized as schedule, tags, priority, and (more to be added).
    They display the no. of tasks under each category.
    Selecting any individual panel, or a category form any panel, would change the main task viewer(2) and tab it according to the categories:
When the add new task button is clicked, the new task form opens in main viewer (2):
The tags are colored and tint shade on every task depends on the priority allotted to it.
Suggestions and modifications are welcome. Please note that I haven’t gone into much detail regrading the needs, as per bugs reported.
I just basically wanted to give an outline of gtg UI that would match the Gnome style. I’m myself new to designing.

One Comment on “Concept UI for Getting Things Gnome”

  1. […] up. I solved a few bugs related to the UI, wrote a freakishly long proposal, worked on it for days, made concept designs. Summing up, I was totally into it, for almost 2 months. I didn’t think of anything […]

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