Beginning of Open Source Contribution

Google Summer of Code 2012 made my way into beginning my contribution towards Open Source Community. I had even had thoughts and made a bit of efforts earlier in doing this, but there was no motivation in doing so. It was going to be the end of my second year, and I wanted to get an internship somewhere, somehow, even if it had no stipend to offer. I don’t know why I had this false impression in my mind that Gsoc is damn easy and I considered it as my last option until the activities of this year’s gsoc started. Even after having missed the chance last year by a matter of few days, I was not serious about it.

But when I started reading stuff about it this year, I realized how much effort you have to make beforehand to get selected, and moreover, the stipend of 5000 USD made my mind blow off and I made it my ultimate aim to get selected in gsoc this year. As this year Roadies show says, “Everything or Nothing”!

So I was doing a bit of research every day and studying the last years’ projects and participating organizations, but was a bit confused as to where to start from. Of course I wanted to go for the hot-shot, that’s what always has inspired me always. So my eyes always lurked towards Gnome, Mozilla, Python and similar well-known organizations. I wanted to do a project in python, as the famous comic strip gave me an adrenaline rush. I started spending time on IRCs every day, usually more seriously when I had academic work to do.

And today I found something interesting, a task manager Getting Things GNOME, written in python. The perfect match. I always wanted an efficient task-manager to suit my needs, so why not build one myself, and that even, branded! And then I met a Gnome participant from last year in IRC who told me about starting to solve bugs and rose my hopes about getting selected in the GNOME project.

I abandoned all other tasks on the stack (this is how I manage my manual task manager on a sheet of paper), and got fully set to begin to solve love-bugs even though I had elementary idea of python. My kick start for my new passion made a crash landing when the first step in solving the problem turned out to be a problem itself. I had to run a GUI app, Ground Control to handle my launchpad account, but the app wouldn’t start. Oh yes, it had bugs. SO this diverted my way and I went back to lauchpad to report this bug, which I found out, was already done years ago, but never solved. So I started debugging the application and modified a bit of code in the Ground Control python code, but to no use. So now I’m planning to try downloading the app on the virtualized Ubuntu when the dawn breaks because now I’ve to solve the Gtg bugs at any cost. I’ve got this thing on my mind.

Now I’ve started feeling that somehow my time is going in worthy work, as compared to hours spent in doing something I can’t even recall. I use Gnome and like it much more than Unity. Contributing to it would be an honor for me. I’m getting this feeling that I should have started earlier because now I think I’m getting short of time. So much to do and learn and such a little amount of time (2 years) left for graduation.


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