Ideas come out of need

This is a very old and wise saying (by old, I mean the beginning of the tech era/ startup culture) that if you have an idea for a product, first make sure that the product is useful to you, and care about the rest afterwards. Because the best use of a prosuct can only made by a user who needs it and it matches his requirements.

So the developer has to look from the viewpoint of a user while developing sometime. And this genuine viewpoint can be only achieved if the developer is a genuine user. So the developer must feel the absence of a facility in his life in order to develop it.

I didn’t get such a feeling before when I was developing my apps. I developed them with the desire of getting a Windows Phone for free.Only a partial one arrived when I got the idea of Developer’s Space. And further, the same feeling never occurred to me when I got the idea of my ongoing project. This one seemed to come out naturally from my head. But rather it a substitute to the project topic I was being imposed to work upon. So this one had to come out, to save myself from grievances later. And this one proved to be the better one obviously, and also one that has not been implemented either. Thus, making me go in accordance with the Zen of Hackers. To know what it is, watch this space till I complete my work.

And now, the reason for me to write this post, the realization, is the time when I actually felt a need for something that lacks in the workspace. I receive a lot of emails every week, most of them concerning student opportunities and programs. I focus a lot on self-development and improvement and try to stay active as a student developer. These can only be executed with the help of events. Thus it becomes difficult for me to keep track of all these events and further prioritize them. I actually felt a setback in this area. I missed out many good opportunities that came to me just because I couldn’t keep track of them. But still I didn’t realize what I really needed.

Then today, while I was browsing my twitter feed, I saw a Hacker News post. The post went like this, focusing on Apple’s technology and how it can highlight dates and phone numbers and syncs them with phone. It was just then that the idea sparked in my mind that what I actually need is an app that would crawl my mail and identify events and their schedule and sync them with my calendar, or at least produce a list of event reports so that I can have a look at them all at once and plan things accordingly. This app can serve on the browser as well as on the phone.

So now I’m keen on developing this app just when I find time and before anyone starts with it.




One Comment on “Ideas come out of need”

  1. Excellent article.Much thanks again. Cool.

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