Windows dissapointed me

Even though I (used to) love and use windows a lot but the incident that happened with me yesterday totally changed my view about the OS. The inability of the OS to correct certain errors and also not letting the user do so has left a taste of frustration. Though I’m still typing this from windows, that feeling of homeliness does not exist anymore. I only logged in because Silverlight applications don’t run properly in Ubuntu (or maybe I haven’t discovered a proper method to run it till now).

So I was working normally and then I wanted to send an image to my phone. The moment I clicked on the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar: SWOOH! The system restarted with the display of error message only for a millisecond. So after starting again, when windows loads the initial drivers, some corrupted driver got activated again and again: Restart. So this formed a loop. Then I started the system in Safe Mode, disabled quite a few suspicious drivers and again started. Let me cut short the process of explaining various trial and error techniques that I applied and come to the conclusion of this process. So somehow I stabilized the system by disabling drivers and keeping the system in offline mode. Now I had to reinstall the suspicious drivers again properly with the hope that things become fine. One of them was the Bluetooth module. The installation of this driver was going on, taking too much time, when I realised that stuff started vanishing from my system. My desktop got empty, and so did my Start Menu and the installation process ended with the error message that certain registry files were missing, which were actually deleted by this only.
And so at the end I lost valuable files stored in my desktop, whose backup I had not made yet. And I had to spend the whole evening and night with the process of reinstalling windows, its drivers, the software and so on adn so forth. Plus several SDKs need to be downloaded again.
All this for the cost of clicking on the Bluetooth icon! Dilemma!
What would a user do in a case, when faced with such a tragedy. I am also an open source supporter and lover and now I’ll be fully working on Ubuntu except for few tasks that needs to be done in windows. Alas, Windows loses one of its faithful users.


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