Taking multiple inputs in a single line

So most of the programming problems given in sites like code jam or code chef ask for taking multiple inputs (that are integers in a single line). So I did I bit of research on it (googled it, actually).

I got recommendations like, take the imputs as a single string and then parse the strinf into respective integer inputs. So I spent my hole morning doing that, obviosuly there were errors, I tried to sownload missing C libraries, learnt some new functinos in C++. A pretty neat code on parsing the string into words that I cam across was:

using namespace std;

int main()
string s(“Somewhere down the road”);
istringstream iss(s);

string sub;
iss >> sub;
cout << “Substring: ” << sub << endl;
} while (iss);

return 0;

But after much head scratching I found another solution to the problem:

cin>>a>>b and it worked!


One Comment on “Taking multiple inputs in a single line”

  1. anantzoid says:

    The header files above are, iostream, string and sstream

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