It’s time to buck up

Well, I’m back here again. After a long time, and also after a long break from my work. Been a long time since I blogged, I even forgot the link to the admin page and also my password (LoL). Jokes apart, it’s the the dawn of a new year, a new semester, and new opportunities too. Well the last element is my major concern over here, the same, which had kept me busy during these winter holidays. While I’m writing this, another thing comes to my mind, the thought of making new year resolutions, and not forgetting them this time, like each year.

I always (from recent times) see holidays as an opportunity to boost your skills as you are free all the time. Otherwise, college events keep you occupied no matter how much you try to stay out of it. These holidays give you time to carry out your plans which had been in your mind the whole semester. Though I never was able to fulfill all my targets, but still, something is better than nothing.

I focus here on the fact that this is the time, an ideal aspirant from a tech institute should be alert and lookout for rewarding opportunities as this is , as they say, this is the festive season. Here I’ll be talking about Juniors and Sophomores like me, I don’t know if this post may help other people as well.

It’s the time when all internship opportunities flood the web, most of them pertaining to summer internships. Let it be internships in start-ups or at reputed universities, this the application time. Wait for some time, and then you have to hurry up as the deadline would be the other day. Plus that time classes would be going on, thus you have less time that you can contribute in the application process.So at least start tracking down those precious life-making links now.

Searching for the appropriate opportunity does one-third of your task in the application process. I wouldn’t shortlist any links over here, because then the list would never end. The next one-third task in the process is preparing your documents, I mean, anybody can fill those forms, but your best chance lies in the CV that you prepare, the letter of motivation or other such commitments which would set your impression on those people.I’m in this phase write now, and after much of procrastination, I’ve to finally complete my cover letter very soon.  And last but not the least task comes in asking for recommendation letter. Any reputed institute, where you’ll be applying, would ask for a minimum of two recommendation letters.This is important as you need to approach ‘those’ people’ which seem like a pain in the ass during classes but now your career lies in their hands. Your impression on them and relationship with them those past months would decide your fate there. So its always a good option to keep in hand those few senior professors always.

After doing all these things, I actually do not know what is going to happen, do you get those dream internships easily, or do you have to try again and again. But mind me, this is not what everyone does, I mean its a bit difficult to open a new tab in the browser and search for internships sitting comfortably during the vacations. But  for those who have high ambitions, this is the most interesting thing they’d be doing.


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