Installing eclipse in Ubuntu 11.10 through a tar.gz file

Yesterday I got a tar.gz file for eclipse IDE from my computer lab to install and work on it for the IBM the Great Mind Challenge. I am doing a project on RFID Based Employee Attendance System.
So now I had manually install this file, offline, because the Internet in my college sucks big time. I searched for it in google. Found a crap bag saying that using Ubuntu Software Center in better. “Obviously I know that way is much more convenient, but you do a task the hard way when you have some constraints!”

New to linux commands, I fought my way through them, sometimes executing a command 20 times to mo positive result, but suddenly on the 21st time, the problem becomes visible automatically (common programmer’s syndrome). Typing various alien commands and copying-pasting into config files, I finally finished with the setup. And now came the last command, to run the file:”eclipse -clean”. And Voila! “A Java Runtime environment is needed”. I mean, couldn’t you have specified it before itself?
And now, I write this post while eclipse is being downloaded through Ubuntu Software Center, because I don’t know how many other things are needed for it to run.


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