Google+ everywhere!

Today the maximum use of the internet is made in social networking.Even a guy who doesn’t know how to use Google, has a social profile on the web. So after the dominance of a single website over this market for a long time, a rival is born. But the fact is that, the popularity of this single website has made the social networking craze spread like fire.Its hard to guess, which teenager might not be having a Facebook account today!

And since the past few days, there has been a lot of discussions and debates about the launch of over-hyped rival of Facebook, Google+ by one of the leaders in web services.

I may not have to discuss the features and fate of Google+ as it is all over the place. But anyways I was thinking about giving a review on it two days ago and getting the invitation yesterday made my task easier.

So now the big question that everyone has in their mind…will Google’s initiative be successful in taking over the social networking giant?But I think, in a matter of time choosing one of these sites would become a matter of preference as both are going to be equally good in some time, because right now Google+ is still in its development phase.

So what are those unconventional ideas using which the developers of Google have made Google+ that may have the power to restrict Facebook’s growing dominance?

+ + +

The most amazing and eye-catching feature of Google+ is its Circles. Everybody wants their data to be organized, and that it what Google+ offers. The organization of friends list into different groups, unlike Facebook, where you have a messed up list(alphabetically sorted, though) of friends. Circles provide selective sharing among friends, which is great feature. The animation in Circles in also awesome.But the down point is, since the Circles are custom made and organized, you have to put the friend in the your circle even though he has already added you in his. And I didn’t notice such a thing as “friend request” also.

Google+ inherits the unbeatable search functionality from Google. So searching people becomes a lot easier.You don’t have to specify even the full name of the person!

Another impressive feature that doesn’t limit your reach and interests within the site is Sparks. Unlike Facebook, where you can only add a certain activity in your profile, Google+ lets you search for your activity throughout the web and then add it to your profile, also providing you the latest content about that topic.

Google has integrated all its services in Google+, so its like a regular Google account from where you can access all the services of Google.

Photos are presented in a gallery kinda look with neat, staggered layout unlike Facebook’s almighty album view.

One more ultimate feature of Google+ is Hangouts, which is not functional yet, gives you the freedom to video chat with up to ten friends at a time!

Google has also released Google+ app for android simultaneously which has a built-in group chat, Huddle. The app needs to be released in other platforms as well and with more features to compete Facebook-app.

😦 😦 😦

The layout of homepage is almost similar to Facebook including features like notifications,like and comments, though a bit spacious and uncluttered. Comment streams run down the center of the page, flanked by groups on the left and friend suggestions on the right. Chat windows appear in the bottom-right corner, just as on Facebook.

Loading of pages is quite slow and it does take some time to open each and every link. Same reason, still in development.

Google+ apps are not out yet, so it lacks all the attractiveness of all the time sucking games like Farm Ville that would hook users to the site all day long. I hope Google integrates it web based apps, especially games, via Chrome Web Store soon.

Lets see what Google+ does to social networking once it starts working full-fledged.And if you couldn’t get an invite till now, tell your friends( who are already there) to come here.


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