Being a programmer…

An excellent post by Zed Shaw.

You have finished this book and have decided to continue with programming. Maybe it will be a career for you, or maybe it will be a hobby. You will need some advice to make sure you continue on the right path, and get the most enjoyment out of your newly chosen hobby.

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Python or Ruby?

Looking out for something new, something unconventional I came across the other side of what one is taught academically, those programming languages which have their own domain, their own community. But if you wanted to get your hands on one of those lethal weapons of programming, which one would it be?

So LET the battle begin…

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Sandakphu: heaven on Earth

Dawn at Sandakphu

Sandakphu, the mountain village lying in the India-Nepal border is scantily populated houses that could be counted on fingertips. This is the fact why it is one of those places in India whose beauty has been discovered only by few tourists and travellers. The whole village would be as large as a playground with the border running across it laid by army camps.

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